Phillip Young
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Phil has worked in performance behavioral development and coaching for over 25 years.
He is a ChiRunning Instructor, Oxygen Advantage Performance breathing instructor and is currently training to be a Biomechanics Movement coach.

He is based in North Manchester and trains clients on a 121 basis and also runs group and individual ChiRunning workshops and movement workshops. He is a Co-Owner of Your Parinama – Intelligent Movement & Sports Performance, with his partner who is a CHEK Practitioner and Yoga teacher.

Phil competed in Sports climbing and bouldering for over 25 years and played in the National Ice Hockey League. Nowadays you’ll find him competing in Ultra running both here and abroad which is his passion alongside sports climbing and bouldering.

Working as an Oxygen Advantage breathing coach is such a fantastic addition to ChiRunning and Movement coaching. He loves to see the reactions of people through the powerful combination of the breath and movement and to see the difference it makes to their sporting performance and everyday lives.

“So many of us forget to listen to our own bodies, not experiencing what our bodies are truly capable of, Oxygen Advantage was the missing piece in the puzzle for my own sports performance and that of my clients”

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