Pom Tutt
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  • United Kingdom
In the wake of personal tragedy following the sudden loss of his father, Pom embarked on a transformative journey that would not only redefine his own path but also ignite a passion to facilitate healing in others. The profound impact of that loss, marked by an initial inability to feel, propelled him deeper into the realms of breathwork and somatics as therapy. It became a journey back to feeling, a journey to reclaim the connection with his body and ultimately, with his true self.

With a background in professional rugby league and a career in coaching that spans over two decades, Pom’s holistic approach to life, health and performance has gained him a reputation as the go to coach for highly driven individuals to dissolve the inner blocks that keep them stuck in stress, anxiety and depression to ease, presence and authentic self expression.

His methods are grounded in a holistic understanding of the human experience, and becoming an Oxygen Advantage instructor allowed him to blend ancient practices with modern psychological and scientific insights, allowing him to practice full spectrum breathwork therapy. With this deepened knowledge and insight, he is able to foster a safe and nurturing environment, facilitating deep, transformative experiences that enable individuals to access and process underlying emotions, ultimately leading them toward profound personal growth and liberation from trauma and limiting beliefs.

The journey that began in the aftermath of his father’s death has evolved into a life’s mission: to empower others to find their way back to themselves, just as he did. Through breathwork and somatic practices, Pom has witnessed the remarkable resilience of the human spirit and the capacity for renewal as he accompanies his clients on their journeys, offering tools and support as they uncover the strength and wisdom that lie within.

“This journey is not about feeling better, it’s about getting better at feeling…and it all starts with the breath.” ~ Pom Tutt

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