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Rachel Kaden is a passionate advocate for the power of the body and mind connection, who believes that aligning with the natural rhythms of our being is fundamental to achieving optimal health and wellness. 
Drawing on a range of practices, including Cold Water Immersion, Sound Therapy, Yoga, Fitness, Breath Work & Training, Rachel guides people to be able to tap into their innate potential and discover the incredible intelligence of their bodies by learning how to get out of their own way. Believing that by embracing the power of movement, nature, frequency, nutrition, and the breath, we can connect with our bodies on a deep and meaningful level and tap into the strength and support of our primitive tribal abilities.
Rachel’s own journey of healing and transformation began when she incorporated the Oxygen Advantage techniques into her own life after working with the charity Heal Scotland. The powerful impact of these techniques allowed her to cure years of insomnia and take control back of her own nervous system. Curious about the science of breathing, Rachel trained as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor, and now incorporates these vital practices into every element of her teachings.
With years of experience working alongside individuals who have suffered severe trauma, Rachel’s focus is on helping people reconnect with their own bodies and minds and sharing this growth with others. Through her work with Zendeavours, Rachel brings her unique blend of expertise and compassion to clients across the South of England, as well as Scotland.
For Rachel, the real transformations take place in the smaller spaces of everyday practice. By sharing these important tools, Rachel hopes to inspire lasting change in the lives of those she works with. 
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