Raffik Rawat
United Arab Emirates


  • United Arab Emirates


‘Rafa’ believes in the power of people and the capacity we all have to empower ourselves to achieve better health, cognitive function and well-being. He is passionate about bringing people together and creating communities, with an emphasis on service.

We can use very simple breathing techniques to gain mastery over our mind and body, to create space for growth, energy and healing.

Bringing in a passion for hiking and high-altitude ascents, he believes in the ability to acclimatise to high-altitude conditions at sea level. With a keen interest in Yoga and particularly Himalayan Kriya Yoga, he believes in the ability to tap into something that is available and accessible to all – to feel, heal, strengthen and grow.

Forever curious and looking for new openings and pathways, Rafa looks forward to working with you, with an open mind, to explore how these techniques can make a difference. Above all, he seeks to provide you with the tools that you can use to empower yourself.

Rafa offers one to one coaching as well as group breathwork sessions and workshops. Reach out for a chat, on zoom or over a coffee.

Breathe better, live fully!

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