Ragini Verma


  • Singapore



Hi, I’m Ragini from Singapore!

Breathwork has been a big part of my life for the past few years, ever since I first started noticing the benefits of it. It has changed the way I feel physically, mentally and emotionally and therefore the way that I respond to situations and people.

As a yoga teacher, I primarily focus on Vinyasa flows where I find the connection between breath and movement beautifully meditative. As I consciously combine the breathwork techniques I’ve learnt from the Buteyko or Oxygen Advantage method, such as beginning the class with diaphragmatic breathing exercises, lengthening movements that involve exhalations, or emphasizing breathing light, allows me to create a more fruitful practice for my students. More information on my yoga classes is available via my website.

While breathwork can be very impactful in a physical exercise setting, I also work in the technology industry where my friends and colleagues are often overwhelmed by work. I initially began training to be an instructor to be able to help these people around me cope better with stress and achieve greater mental clarity and efficiency. I have conducted multiple educational 45min-1hr sessions on the Science behind Breathing, and would be glad to conduct similar virtual/in-person sessions to educate corporate staff on how they can breathe better and incorporate these habits into their busy schedules.

The ability of our breath to influence our overall health and fitness is extremely overlooked, ironically so, since it is the activity, we are engaged in the most. I’m passionate about spreading awareness and helping people harness the benefits breathing consciously and breathing better could bring them.

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