Raimond van der Boom


  • Netherlands


Raimond is a physical & mental Trainer/Coach with more then 26 years of expercience. He works in mainly (military)sportsperformance and Tactical environments to prepare (Tactical) Athletes fort their tasks and preform in within their best capabilities. As a former athlete he has competed at National and European & World championships. He uses this experience in his work in coaching.

He is always seeking to new possiblities to achieve better in Human Performance. Back in the days mostly in implementing new training methods or finding new training materials. Nowadays he is doing that by a more Holistic approach and looks for the right formula to grow within your own human capabilities.

Breathwork is one of his tools to optimize this potential. With a broader view then only standard formula in breathing he uses the Oxygen Advantage method to give a big impact in sportsperformance. Or to increase overall health within Lifestyle factors such as Dysfunctional Breathing. Just be implemeting those techniques by (high level) athelets or deskbound weekend warriors it gave big results. If there were willing to conform tot his method and have a GROW-mindset.
Besides Oxygen Advantage, Raimond is also certified Wim Hof Method Level 1, Breathwork Professional Level 2 (Kasper van der Meulen) and ART of BREATH (SHIFT//ADEPT).

In his workshops his motto is: ‘Learning by Doing’. He let’s you explore what you need by giving you the right tools in self-optimization. He will guide you in this proces and implement some habit changes as well. He combines some theoratical insight with pratical exersises; feeling is understanding. He will connect some dots in physical and mental(sports) performance.

In 1-1 coaching he can give you more tailer made programming to deeper learning and implement those in daily life or sportsprogramming.

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