Rashu Verma


  • India


As a national level athlete, competing in swimming and basketball early on helped me learn the functioning of the human body. Understanding the importance of core strength with a fascination for breath led me to Yoga Courses and Vipassana Meditation. All this taught me how food, sleep and emotions are all closely connected to breath.

At Soulfix, our objective is to share how working on your breath can improve your holistic health and performance to succeed at work, home or in the outdoors. To live a life with increased energy, focus and concentration, stronger immunity, mental peace and clarity with improved endurance and fitness is what we desire for you.

Becoming a certified Oxygen Advantage Breathing Coach has added another gear to my breathing knowledge with specific scientific breathing methods and techniques to help reach your full potential.

I am based in New Delhi and working with all age groups to alleviate respiratory conditions and stress related ailments as well as assisting a bunch of fitness enthusiasts to increase their endurance.

I am available for live and online sessions.

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