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Rebecca is a Yoga/Movement Teacher, Coactive Life Coach, Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor & Breathing for Yoga Instructor based in Chester.

Having always had an interest in breathing, it wasn’t until she discovered the Oxygen Advantage did she get to fill in the gaps left by other teachings, and really understand how to utilize the breath as a powerful tool for aiding health, wellbeing and performance.

Rebecca is passionate about empowering individuals to discover and define their own self-care practices. Through learning about their bodies and breath, her clients have found simple and effective ways to take control of their health mentally, physically and emotionally -to ultimately live with greater ease and joy.

Blending the wisdom of the yoga world, with the science of functional movement, breathing, sleep and stress, she does not just look at breathing alone, but at the body, lifestyle and individual as a whole to find the most appropriate way forward.

Rebecca has hosted retreats in Sri Lanka, worked alongside Physiotherapist in Dubai, and moved back to the UK in 2020, she now has her own space in Chester. Her clients include recreational and pro athletes looking for better performance, to corporate workers and full time mums struggling with anxiety, depression and stress management. She has worked with teenagers, struggling with exam pressure and panic attacks, and supported those going through crisis.

She likes to work closely with individuals to see them grow, overcome challenges and thrive, whether in a 1-2-1 setting, small group or workshop setting (online & in person).

Please get in touch to have a chat, you can also find her on Instagram

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