Rebekah Nutter


  • Australia


Hi, I’m Bek.  My personal passion resides in optimising human performance, movement and health.   My philosophy is wrapped around educating and empowering my clients to move toward their own health goals.

The breath is our life force.  Optimising the way we use this lifeforce can not only help to heal our body, but can help to improve our focus, reduce anxiety & enhance our athletic ability.

My approach to optimising performance & health is holistic.  I currently reside in Newcastle, NSW and practice as a Naturopath, Sports & Performance Nutritionist, Clinical Herbalist and Fitness Coach.  Locally, I currently enjoy working on the performance team for representative football & athletic clubs and I’m blessed to be supporting a range of national Olympic level athletes.

Combined with nutrition, I utilise holistic recovery strategies and breath training to help reduce performance based (and general) anxiety, exercise induced asthma and sleep disturbances.  I work with my clients to enhance energy & optimise performance.

Outside my practice, you will find me competing in endurance races, throwing around heavy weights in my garage, sitting in cold water, hiking in nature or cooking with my family.

Nutter by Nature Naturopathy & Nutrition.

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