Renaud Cmela


  • Ireland


  • CORK
I got into breathwork a few years back, as I was often stressed out too quickly, I was getting sick very often and as a person who loves sports, very active in Obstacle Course Racing, running, cycling… I was often stopped in my progress due to everyday life challenges.

I first discovered breathwork through the Wim Hof Method and became an instructor soon after and became passionate about the power of the Breath.
I trained in Conscious Breathing, Yogic Breathing, Free Diving Breathing, among others to expand my knowledge.
The Oxygen Advantage also helped me deepen my skills and has helped with my personal development in performance and wellbeing.

Since I have become a Breathing Consultant, I have been contacted to help people with issues like snoring, depression, anxiety, asthma, sports performance and I also helped a young adult learn to speak basic to more complex words after suffering from leukaemia and losing his speech.

I love life and want to help people feel better as an Oxygen Advantage Advanced instructor and help them with their mental skills training, their breathing and help them with their performance using techniques that can be implemented in everyday life and that I’ve used myself for my personal training in marathons, ultra and OCR.

I teach both face to face and online.

I am based in Ireland but I can travel to teach in English or French throughout the country and in Europe.

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