Renger Jonker


  • Netherlands


It began when I was young and had complaints like hay-fever and asthma. It impacted my energy level, concentration and overal health. Nobody told me back to use the nose and breath trough it.

When I first came into contact with the Buteyko method I was blown away by what it could do for me. My focus improved, my sleep improved and my health improved.
Today I am completely symptom free.

This was the starting point of a new career and I started my own practice in coaching en therapy.
I needed to know all about the Buteyko method. I wanted to pass this information on to my own family and friends.

It was a no-brainer to learn and teach the Oxygen Advantage program after becoming a Buteyko Practioner. The Oxygen Advantage program is based on the Buteyko method.

Since I was healthy again I started to develop a love for triathlons. The sport where you swim, cycle and run in a continuously effort. For this endurance sport you need a certain type of discipline when it comes to training. You need to train a lot and recover even more. This is where optimizing your breathing comes in. Breathing slower, deeper and ligher will help you train more efficient and recover quicker.

“When you breathe in your heart rate goes up. When you breathe out your heart rate goes down.
The longer your breath is how lower your heart rate stays. This is an absolute advantage when in comes to endurance sports. You can train your breathing muscles just like all your other muscles.”

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