Riccardo Di Julio


  • Italy


Riccardo is a Pilates instructor based in Pescara, where he operates from his family-owned studio. Passionate about the art of movement and the significance of proper breathing, Riccardo integrates his expertise in Pilates with his personal passion for freediving. Recognizing the key role correct breathing plays in both disciplines, he has worked hard to incorporate the Oxygen Advantage (OA) method into his teachings.

Riccardo’s journey with OA began with a recommendation from his freediving coach, leading him to delve into the method by reading the book. Convinced of its transformative potential, he took the proactive step of becoming a certified OA instructor. The impact of this decision has been profound, not only enhancing the well-being of his clients but also significantly elevating his own physical performance and mental state.

In the city of Pescara, Riccardo offers face-to-face Pilates sessions at his family studio, providing a personalized and supportive environment for his clients. Additionally, he extends his reach to a global audience by offering online breathing sessions in Italian, Spanish, and English. Riccardo’s commitment to promoting optimal health and performance through proper breathing reflects his dedication to improving lives, one breath at a time.

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