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Hello.  My name is Robert Assad and I would like to share with you some insight to my life and how I became interested in Oxygen Advantage.

I come from a very diversified background.  I was trained in transportation logistics.  I enjoyed a long career in the transportation industry and learned many things including managing a team of drivers and office staff, coming in on time with deadlines, planning and procedures.

As the years went on, I found myself looking for a position that would challenge me in new ways.  My mentor in the transportation business, Benny, encouraged me to take college courses at night while continuing to support my family.  I became very interested in the field on finance.

By this time, I was in my early forties with six children.  I felt I had chosen the right career as I could very much relate to my clients and steer them in the right direction for their financial future.  I was astonished to see how easily this came to me!  I went on to receive many awards for top sales person and continued this profession until I retired at age sixty five.

Physical fitness has been a part of my life since 1972.  I realized how important health is to each one of us.  It truly is ‘The Fountain of Youth’! 

About 12 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.Specialists informed me there is no cure only relief from symptoms. The symptoms were in the form of flare ups consisting of sore in my mouth and on my scalp.After years of pharmaceuticals ,diets etc.I happened upon the art of breathing techniques. I researched on my own.Tried some including the Wim Hof method ,from which I found relief.I eventually studied the Oxygen Advantage system. I liked the science based approach,and the founder Patrick Mckeown was unasumming and very detailed.This was in 2018. I have been drug free since adopting this protocol with no flare ups. Very impressive ,showing the true power of persistent breath work.

I became a certified advanced instructor with Oxygen Advantage ,with the intent of helping others and giving me a sence of purpose in my retirement years.

Now, I would like to promote this well being with others through the Oxygen Advantage program.  I learned that breathing correctly is the key.  Sound too easy?  Well, it is once you learn the technique!  You will see a difference in your life almost immediately!  Yourover all health will improve, performance in the gym will be stronger.  Your stamina will increase.  All by doing the techniques I will show you which are all natural.

My seminars have been well receieved and sought after.  I am based in Sarasota, Florida and Springfield, Massachusetts.  My mission is to conduct seminars on general, overall health benefits and for sports performance.  Beneficial for corporate settings and gyms.

Now is the time to create a balanced lifestyle!  Improve your life! Feel great!

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