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“Breathing dysfunction and oxygen advantage technologies are among the new sports medicine frontiers that provide insight into helping the human body function at a higher level of athletic performance.”

Sports Performance expert Ron DeAngelo is relentless when it comes to practicing, researching, and adopting the latest practices in sports medicine, fitness training and coaching for optimizing personal performance.

Nationally recognized for successfully training and coaching many notable professional athletes, DeAngelo has assisted NFL All-Pro players, NBA All-Stars, as well as elite tennis and golf professionals to be the best they can be in reaching and maintaining their top performance.

A veteran advisor to the fitness industry for more than four decades, Ron is a licensed Athletic Trainer, Sports Performance Coach and Movement Specialist. Athletes, from a wide range of elite professionals and those who aspire to be – from teenagers to seniors – along with weekend warriors and individuals who want to be at optimum physical ability, seek out Ron DeAngelo’s experience in corrective exercise performance, general fitness and biomechanics.

His goal is to help people from all walks of life uncover and unlock the mysteries of their personal fitness capacity and performance as it relates to efficiencies of human movement. He believes that empowering people with the understanding of how the body works will help overcome chronic pain and injury and improve performance as an athlete or a healthy individual who genuinely cares about their physical well-being. Ron works with the full gamut of knowledge, experience and technique as it relates to breathing dysfunction and performance.

Ron DeAngelo is a highly-regarded Director of Sports Performance Training at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex in Pittsburgh, PA, one of the leading sports medicine facilities in the United States.

Office: 412.432.3871

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