Ronald van Pijkeren


  • Netherlands



Ronald is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He runs his own Yoga Studio in Amsterdam, Rumah Yoga. Besides being a certified Oxygen Advantage for Yoga instructor, he’s also a Buteyko instructor. Furthermore, he’s a certified Yoga Teacher, Holistic Coach and he has a solid background in yogic breathing (pranayama) through various trainings and a Yoga Therapy course on “the Anatomy and Physiology of the Breath and Respiratory Disorders”.

He mostly works with adults and is passionate about helping people deal with various challenges. He supports people to become more resilient and deal with stress by combining breathwork with his knowledge of the nervous system. Through breathwork, using Oxygen Advantage principles, he also helps people with efficient, effective and functional breathing for their day to day breath and breathing during physical activities. As a Buteyko instructor, he also helps people who suffer from asthma, sleeping disorders, anxiety and other mental challenges.

He teaches group classes, works 1on1 with clients and is available for events, seminars, in house/company sessions.

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