Rose O’Donovan


  • UAE


Rose is a leading health and fitness professional with over 15 years experience. Originally from Ireland and is based in the UAE, Middle East for the past 10 years.

She works both with personal clients and is also involved within the educational sector of the health and fitness industry.

She is a renowned Personal Trainer specializing in female health and hormonal problems related to training, weight-loss related health conditions, pre and postnatal care along with eating disorders and obesity – these all have a large impact on breathing and she integrates this into her work.

Rose is a Master Instructor and a Power Specialist Master Instructor for one of the world’s leading indoor cycling brands – hence she places a heavy emphasis on the role of breathing in cardiovascular training in her work.

She is a lead tutor and head assessor with the famous brain based company. body//hack in Dubai UAE.
Her personal passion is in helping people improve their physical and mental health, cognitive and mental performance through proper training that takes the nervous system as the priority. She has worked successfully with clients who suffer with chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction. She has developed strong professional circles in her region to fully support clients who come to her. She sees people in person and online.

Rose certified with Oxygen Advantage in 2019 and went onto become a Master Instructor in 2020.

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