Ross Pollard


  • Australia

Ross Pollard, a seasoned Intensive Care Paramedic of 23 years, boasts over 13 years experience aboard the Ambulance Helicopters. His unwavering commitment to emergency medical care has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Beyond the adrenaline-fueled world of emergency response, Ross finds solace and challenge in the frigid waters as a passionate cold-water swimmer. Embracing the intense rejuvenation of ice baths, he not only indulges in these icy plunges but also coaches others in the art of embracing the chill.

A pivotal moment in Ross’s journey occurred during an enlightening interview on his podcast, “The Bare Facts,” featuring Dean Gladstone, which sparked his fascination with breath work. This pivotal encounter ignited a passion for understanding and harnessing the power of breath, leading Ross to explore and champion various oxygen strategies.

Recognizing the toll that high-stress environments take on first responders, Ross became deeply invested in supporting individuals grappling with PTSD and anxiety. His expertise and dedication in implementing effective coping mechanisms have earned him respect among peers.

Expanding his horizons, Ross’s oxygen strategies have transcended emergency services, reaching corporate settings. Through tailored programs, he aids professionals in managing stress, anxiety, and navigating demanding schedules.

A testament to his indomitable spirit, Ross stands among an elite group of fewer than 50 individuals who have conquered the Winter Rip swim sans wetsuit—a testament to his determination and resilience.

Residing in Elwood, Australia, Ross cherishes life’s precious moments with his beloved family, finding inspiration and strength in their unwavering support. His unwavering commitment to helping others and his relentless pursuit of personal challenges define Ross Pollard’s remarkable journey.

Ross wants to see as many people as possible to GET COLD BE WELL and BREATHE RIGHT.

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