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My name is Ross Richardson and I am a certified Functional Breath Coach.

I am originally from Wales. I have lived in Mandurah, Western Australia for 10 years with my fiancé and 3 children.

I practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I am an advocate of health, fitness and anything that can help our mental wellbeing. I have carried out a lot of research over the years which has helped me to discover the many benefits of the breath and led me to Buteyko and The Oxygen Advantage, it is through these that my passion has truly been ignited.

Learning the techniques that they teach has enabled me to improve mine and my son’s performance in our jiu-jitsu training and competitions and help other members of my family during times of grief, depression and anxiety. I have also been able to improve issues with asthma and sleep.

Through my own experiences and what I have learnt I am eager to help my clients become aware of their breathing and how to use it to improve physical health, mental wellbeing and optimise their performance in anything they do.

I am an easy going and compassionate person and so the courses I provide are made to make the client feel comfortable with a personal feel and tailored to individual needs.

All of my courses will enable you to stay calm in stressful situations by learning breath awareness and you can expect to make you’re breathing more efficient resulting in improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity, higher energy levels, and better mental focus just to mention a few.

Oxygen Advantage training is suitable for all fitness levels and age groups. I also organize the courses online via video chat.

If you want to improve your performance as an athlete or you suffer from anxiety or health issues, please contact me at email above.

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