Rotem Hess


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I am a psychotherapist and a life-coach, constantly looking for new methods to optimize human wellbeing and psychological states in the most effective ways. I only teach what I have first experienced on myself as effective. I believe that an integrated approach is required to create a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Discovering breathwork has given me the missing piece to my practice. Again and again, I have experienced with my patient that psychological insights and understanding are not enough to create change without working first on the physiological infrastructure of the psyche. In this respect, breathwork is the tool that clients can use to align insights with an improved physiology and especially calming the mind, reducing anxieties, improving self-awareness and quality of sleep, self-regulating emotions, etc. I was personally quite amazed how transformational breathwork has been to myself and my clients compared to other therapeutic methods that are used alone.

Please feel free to contact me with any question, I will be happy to contribute to your wellbeing whether we will end up working together or not.

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