Rowena Ledwith
Australia, Indonesia, Ireland


  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland


From a young age Rowena lived an active sports centric lifestyle in which optimising for human performance was paramount. Throughout her whole career, Rowena still suffered from asthma and shortness of breath, it wasn’t until she went on a deep dive into the biomechanics of breathing that she discovered that no one had noticed she was breathing sub-optimally.

This led her towards discovering the Oxygen Advantage methods to not only improve her physical performance, but also using the breath to improve mental resilience and health.

Her philosophy is aimed at helping educate and empower her clients to overcome anxiety, reduce asthma symptoms as well as improving mental and sports performance, ensuring the next generation of athletes are armed with the tools she wished she had.

Catering to all levels from someone completely new to professional athletes and everyone in between, any and everyone can benefit from breath optimisation training.

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