Rudi Thoelen


  • Belgium


From fighter pilot to performance coach: Mastering breath for mind and body

As a former Belgian Air Force pilot, I learned the crucial impact of controlled breathing and proper technique. This “toolbox” became my constant companion, helping me manage stress, heighten focus, and maximize performance.

My fascination with human potential extends beyond my military career. Rock climbing, kayaking, snowboarding, and ultramarathon running continue to fuel my passion. Driven by a desire to delve deeper into the mind-body connection, I pursued studies to become a personal trainer, breathing coach, yoga teacher, and functional movement coach.

Today, I empower individuals to integrate healthy habits, functional breathing, and functional movement into their lives. I believe Oxygen Advantage and mindful breathing bridge the gap between mind and body, unlocking balance and enhanced performance.

I teach in Belgium – city: Zoutleeuw – Tienen – Sint-Truiden

I offer online and face to face coaching and group sessions, workshops in companies and breathing courses.

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