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Ruth Stender, RYT® — Functional Breathing & Meditation Teacher

After a long career in aerospace engineering and over fifteen years as an energy medicine practitioner, I blend my skills in writing, meditation, yoga and breathwork to help people achieve their health goals. My ideal client sees themselves not just as a physical body; rather, they view themselves holistically—mind, body, and spirit. They are eager to expand their understanding about what helps them feel strong, confident, and happy. Like me, they aren’t afraid to try something new. Trying something new is how I came to Oxygen Advantage.

Prior to learning Oxygen Advantage exercises—and the science behind the body’s critical need for nasal breathing—I had failed two sleep studies, endured three gum surgeries, been battling autoimmune disorders (with no measurable progress) along with a host of other issues due to systemic inflammation and dryness.

For years I had a collection of throat sprays in and around my bed, within easy reach during the night. With no saliva to swallow, my throat would close shut from drying out. Startled awake with a feeling of suffocation triggered arrythmia, panic. Even after getting relief from the spray, my nervous system was locked into high alert (chronic hypervigilance). Going back to sleep felt unsafe.

Then came mouth tape. Having experienced suffocation as a child, on top of my existing nighttime traumas, the idea of taping my mouth closed while asleep sounded ridiculous. Absurd. Dangerous. But after reading Patrick’s books and listening to his lectures, I felt a sense of trust. I gave it a go. I now sleep through the night. In the morning, my lips, mouth, and throat feel moist, and my eyes are clear. I am rested.
Of everything I’ve tried to improve my health, switching to nasal breathing has had the most immediate, profound, and lasting impact.

Certifications include Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Energy Medicine, Reiki, and Oxygen Advantage®.

To learn more, schedule with me at my Seattle Energy Medicine clinic:

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