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After spending most of his years numbing himself to avoid his feelings, Ryan now embraces the whole of life with both hands. Personal challenges and experiences have given him the ability to offer empathy and presence to others.

Through life experience, learning and practice he has developed an understanding and compassion for the human condition. He has acquired skills and tools which he now shares with others to help them with reconnection and recovery through challenging times.

These skills include breathwork, cold water immersion and coaching.

Ryan is an Advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor, a registered psychotherapist and a Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator.

He specialises in recovery from anxiety, stress, overwhelm, ill-health, poor sleep, grief, injury, exercise and lack of direction.

His clients achieve a greater sense of calm in their bodies leading to peace of mind, increased focus, improved sleep and healthier relationships.

His mission is building community through bringing people together to optimise their human experience.

Ryan is also a practicing nose breathing triathlete and on 11th September 2022 he will attempt to be the first person to complete a full distance 140.6 triathlon whilst only breathing through his nose.
If you would like to work with Ryan, support his challenge or learn more about what he does then please send him an email, visit his website or follow his social channels.

Ryan holds In-person events and 1:1 sessions in the North West of England as well as Online appointments.

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