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Ryan Anderson has been a firefighter paramedic since 2005 and has seen firsthand the mental health crisis we are in and the effects that stress and trauma have on the mental and physical health of himself, his peers, and the people he serves in the community. This led him to seek to understand more about the nature of the problem and find the best ways to stay healthy and reduce suffering and imbalances in his own life, and in the lives of others.

In 2011 Ryan had a back injury which led him to understand more about the mind-body connection. Yoga, meditation, and developing a relationship with the breath have been some of the best elements of his journey of self-discovery and healing.

Ryan is passionate about helping others to develop a deeper relationship with the breath and has been facilitating breath classes since 2021. Ryan created a practical approach to share the power of the breath with people from all walks of life and feels that everyone can benefit from learning how to develop a healthier relationship with the breath. He teaches first responders, military, athletes and other top performers while also working with the general public.

Ryan has integrated a lot of what he has learned from the Oxygen Advantage program and other teachers into his methods to help people to develop healthier breathing habits. Ryan facilitates in person and on-line classes for individuals and groups in Phoenix Arizona, and is also available to travel to other locations to teach the power of the breath.

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