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Ryan Carter is an innovator and leader in the health optimization circle. A qualified human performance coach, registered nutritionist, personal trainer, and founder of Live Vitae. Ryan has vast knowledge and ability to break down the nuance, biases, and information overload in the health industry. He does this in an actionable, empowering, personalized and sustainable method. Ryan bridges the gap between modern science and ancestral living and connects the dots to what works for you. He does this by removing the barriers and obstacles, providing the relevant inputs and signals needed to flourish.

All aspects of health are covered, with no stone left unturned. His approach includes utilizing Oxygen Advantage Breathwork: a forgotten art and factor in both athletes and the general public, with their increased dysfunctional breathing patterns and inability to truly utilize oxygen to their advantage.

Ryan is currently based in London, United Kingdom, and works with a limited number of clients at any one time. He offers one-to-one consultations in person at his central London clinic, or online remotely around the world via Zoom. Additionally, Ryan is available to work in training camps, privately one-to-one, or on tour at certain times of the year upon application.

Ryan is invested in each and every client, offering personal guidance and support throughout their transformation. To find out more about his services, book your discovery call via his website below.

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