Ryan Millard


  • Australia



Hi, I’m Ryan.  I spent over a decade as a professional Rugby League player, including a number of years competing as an amateur boxer.  My rugby league career saw him play professionally in 3 separate countries and represent Fiji in a World Cup.

I currently work as a personal trainer specialising in boxing lessons for beginners and posture correction.  During my time as a professional athlete, a number of injuries led me to become interested in training and rehabilitation work.  This path led me to study various training methods, Herbal Medicine and finally to study breathwork.  The Oxygen Advantage Method fits perfectly in with my training methods combining physical training with breathwork and posture correction.

I am currently based in Sydney, Australia and taking on clients both face to face and online.  I’m looking to train any current athletes or potential athletes looking to improve their performance, this includes the anyone from the general public looking to improve their athletic performance.

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