Ryan Sawyer
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  • United States of America


Ryan is a former National Champion Collegiate Football Coach, owner of a thriving Residential Painting Company, and a devoted husband and father. Starting long before sunrise, Ryan begins his dedicated daily breathwork, meditation, and yoga practices in the relentless pursuit of his own continued personal transformation. He is driven to help others one their path to self-realization and unlocking their 20x potential.

Ryan’s Story of Transformation

I had achieved my childhood dream of becoming a National Champion collegiate football coach had excelled at it for many years. That is, until one day the anxiety and depression I’d battled my entire life in secret, finally threatened to destroy my marriage, my relationship with my children, and my very life.

I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I left my football coaching career and began my journey of personal transformation. I was able to overcome my struggles with anxiety and depression and create a version of myself that is excited and motivated to wake up and get to work every single day. I’ve studied extensively which led me to Oxygen Advantage which was has been a huge impact on my life and performance. It has become my calling and mission to share what I’ve learned with others.

We Live in Spokane WA

At IHP we offer a membership coaching program where we offer Breathwork and so much more.

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