Sally Howe


  • Australia



I was raised in the UK, lived 10 years in NZ and now live in Tweed Heads on the East Coast of Australia with my husband and 2 children.

I come from a Community Health Promotion background and after having children became a Kinesiologist. I first became interested in breathing after realising how many of my clients have erratic breathing patterns.

As an avid surfer and ex competitive swimmer, I first trained as a Surf Survival Apnea Instructor, teaching people how to survive in the ocean environment. I then became obsessed with breathing and looked to a more indepth training, which led me to the Oxygen Advantage.

I run 4 classes a week currently online due to lockdown, but normally I do a combination of face to face and online classes. I also work one on one with online clients for issues such as chronic back pain, rhinitis, weight management and chronic mouth breathing.

I love teaching breathing, but what I also love is how it has helped me. I was involved in a traumatic car accident which left me with PTSD and panic attacks. Years later while still suffering from PTSD, I had an extended amount of chronic illness and late term pregnancy loss. I truly believe that breathing coupled with surfing, eating right and being in nature has cured me and made me the person I am today.

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