Samir Murad


  • Brazil


Im a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teacher and coach, I represent all Barbosa Team here in São Paulo, Brazil.

I ve been working on my breathing practices since 2015, on a personal journey. My mother is a Buddhist and since early childhood I ve stayed on Ashrams and retreats here in Brazil and this practices have became a part of my personal growth.

It was all difficult to explain to people how it had a huge impact and benefit on our lifes, cause the language that eastern world uses is way to different than ours.

Around 2017 I found about Wim Hof’s and Joe Dispenza’s work and fell in love with them. Not about the actual breath works, but about how science was being revealed in the realm of breathing patterns, and how we can really change our reality just by putting down the work.

Im not a physician, nutritionist, doctor with a degree, but I dedicated the last 7 years of my life on experimenting all kinds of Biohackings that you can imagine. It lead to the creation of a restaurant that I own here in Sao Paulo. It’s called Avo, and we created a place that we provide Conscious Food for the clients.

I dont believe in the separation of mind, body and soul, I see that everything is connected and until I got to know Patrick’s work, I actually thought that the nutrition was the first aspect that we had to reorganize to have a healty life.

I was preparing to facilitate a retreat here in Brazil on September and after reading James Nestor, Breath, I had to understand Patrick’s work.

At first I got upset with Wim’s work (mainly because of the mouth breathing and not alerting for our overbreathing patterns) and with all my sports, yoga, mindfulness teachers that never said anything that I learned on the Oxygen Advantage course.

I feel that if this was taught in schools, we would have a way different society to be a part of. It’s really empowering to know that you have the tools to be the master of yourself, at any time. Not in a really distant way, with that imagem of a monk that stays by his self inside a cave for 10 years to reach enlightenment. Its accessible for all of us and I believe that change takes place everywhere that is needed and wanted.

My intention is to work with people that really want to understand themselves, to dig deep into their life structure and to change the things that they no longer want to be a part of their reality.

I love sports practice. I’ve done all kinds of sports that you can imagine. Now at my 30’s I can say that Im a surfer and a jiu jitsu athlete.

Im feeling the changes that these practices are bringing to my daily routine, and its almost unfair to who’s not doing. It makes a enormous difference on performances levels if done correctly and persistently.

Like almost everyone, I suffered with anxiety, hyperactive mind, insomnia for a long time. Its really sad that the pharmaceutical industry lobby maintain a huge amount of people on drugs that they really don’t need to be taking.

I’m truly honored to be a part of this beautiful team that has the potential to truly change the course of our species.

Interested to hearing more about me, can send me an email or on instagram (see links below).

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