Sammy Flynn
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I’m Sammy and welcome to my world. I’m a passionate advocate for breathwork and deeply understand the power of practicing Conscious Connected Breathing. This has been a life changing tool for me, which has helped me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As a certified facilitator in teaching Conscious Connected Breathing, I am also a certified Oxygen Advantage breathing instructor. Two dynamics of breathwork that I bring to my sessions and my clients. I’m very keen to share the power of the breath and to help as many people as possible reunite with themselves.

Alongside teaching breathwork classes and holding events, I work with clients on a 121 helping with mindset, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and improving overall breathing habits. This is where we look at nervous system regulation, how to overcome the inner critic, and how to self-regulate your own system.

Health and wellness has always been my passion and the starting point is how you breathe!

Thank you for being here, I’m excited to be walking this path with you all.

Love always,
Sammy x

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