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After over 20 years in Business Development in Functional Medicine and living a healthy lifestyle, I frequently found myself with low energy, poor digestion and poor-quality sleep. At an event I attended I happened to have a body composition test, at 5’3 and 127 lbs I was 38% body fat. Yikes! No wonder I had no energy I had no muscle which gave me poor posture and breathing habits.

I then studied the science of strength training doing a 20 minute 1-2X a week session, functional breathing, hydration, interoception performance, barefoot science, nutrition and light. I teach clients how they can gain the maximum improvement in their energy levels, mood, strength and sleep in the minimum amount of time, a program that can be started at any age.

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Oxygen Advantage | Functional Breathing

International Sports Science Association I Certified Personal Trainer

High Intensity University I Certified High Intensity Resistance Training Specialist

PfiLAtes I Pelvic Floor Pilates Certification

Evidence Based Fitness Academy I Barefoot Training Specialist L1

Evidence Based Fitness Academy I Interoception Performance Specialist

Clean Health Fitness Institute I Performance Nutrition Coach L1

American Nutrition Association I Principles of Fasting Lifestyle

Canadian Red Cross I Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C

Mount Royal University I Business

As a lifelong learner I also have studied Functional Medicine, Herbology, Homotoxicology, Microbiome, Sleep, Low Carb/Ketogenic, Genetics, Photomodulation and Sound Therapies, Ballroom, Country, Latin, Flamenco Dance, Jazzercise, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Hiking and Organic Gardening.

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