Sanjeev Shah


  • India


I have been a very successful professional with 30 years across senior and important roles in 2 of India’s biggest companies. I have always been a keen student of general health and fitness theory and practice. After going through an intense and long session of Vipassana, I starting respecting silence and mindfulness.

Breathwork started for me when I was in a (freezing) village in upper-India and Googled “How do Tibetan Monks stay warm?” Shockingly, a short session (on Tumo) with YouTube videos turned up the heat and I realised that this was HUUUUGE. I decided to get credentialed with a world class institute and chose OA for this. I have made this a passion-to-career move now and will be investing more time studying and teaching.

Functional Breathwork will create efficiency that your heart will thank you for. You will also find that mindfulness will help your task orientation with more focus. It can be life changing if it is made into a “voluntary & conscious function of the body”. Currently, almost everyone takes this for granted and gets nearly no benefits from the right approach. Breathwork is the MOST POWERFUL lever we have to alter states of mind and body. With OA, I am glad to have become proficient with this practice. There is a lot to gain from this hidden tool – it will supplement medical interventions.

I am keen to work with anyone who is ready to try this powerful route seriously – it will work IF YOU WILL. Zoom (from anywhere) is awesome. If you are in Mumbai, lets meet.

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