Sara Stupak
United States of America


  • United States of America


Sara is a certified Advanced Breathing Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Meditation Instructor based in Hawaii.

Sara’s mission is to help people use breathwork as a tool to become calmer, happier and healthier versions of themselves.

She is passionate about understanding the science of the breath and how it affects physical performance and emotional balance.

She believes that the breath is the key to connect the body and mind. With regular, efficient breathing practice, everyone has the ability to improve their physical and mental performance.

Currently Sara teaches breathwork to triathletes, endurance athletes and also to corporate professionals and entrepreneurs – those dealing with stressful physical and mental challenges. She teaches individuals and group classes around the world via Zoom.

In her free time, Sara is a runner and is training for her first triathlon. She also supports those working on the front lines of human trafficking and animal rescue.

Visit Sara’s website to sign up for a package of breathwork sessions to improve your breathing efficiency, and follow her on Instagram to learn some breathing tips and tricks.

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