Sascha Hermel


  • Germany



I´ve always been interested and eager in improving my physical and mental state so it seems natural to me to have found and fallen in love with OA.

OA for me is especially interesting and benefitting because it improves the mental and physical state of individuals – and therefore once wellbeing.

No matter if you need a way to handle stress better at your profession or if you want to improve in the sport, you are involved in. Either way – your mental and physical state will enhance practicing the Oxygen Advantage methods and trainings.

Professionally I´ve spent the last 13 years in the automotive industry working for one of the biggest automotive suppliers in the world. I gathered experience in controlling, product management, marketing, business coaching and especially in sales. One thing they all have in common – it is an ever-accelerating world with growing stress levels.

My experience in the sporting world is biggest in tennis, which I´ve been playing constantly for the last 29 years. But I´m also very passionate about surfing (incl. skateboarding), martial arts, fitness, and the game of Golf. What I´ve learned is all sports too have one thing in common – the better you can focus the better you get in the individual discipline; and the faster you get there.

On the one hand I would like to offer specific help for people who are looking for coping better with stress in their jobs and helping them to incorporate a strategy of active relaxation, stress management and focus in their daily work life.

On the other hand, I want to offer athletes (recreational and professional) methods and techniques to add up to their training regiments to optimize their breathing patterns, and thereby as well their mental and physical state during training and performance.

And if one approach benefits the other – all the better. 😉

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