Satu Ahlman


  • Sweden


Satu Ahlman, Founder of Saga Performance (Performance & Leadership Advisory), works as an advisor to high performing individuals and teams, including both corporate professionals and a handful of elite athletes.

She specializes in performance optimization, behavior change and utilizing body data (such as genetics, stress, sleep etc.) in tailored client programs.

Satu has been coaching and advising over 1500 private and corporate clients since 2007, and is experienced in speaking to audiences around the globe, both online and offline. Originally from Finland, based in Sweden and working across the globe.

Being a high performing executive and active athlete herself, she founded Saga Performance to be able to support like-minded high achievers reach “human system synchronization”, and for corporates to take a closer look into their organizational cultures and leadership to better support high performing individuals.

“Redesigning the idea of what true sustainable high performance is, means we want to maximize capacity, efficiency, top performance without sacrificing resilience and health. Focusing on sustainability instead of quick wins whether from an individuals’ or organizations’ perspective. That is why Saga Performance exists.”

An important part of this work is educating people on how humans function (systems approach to performance). This is also where breathing plays an important role. One of the key drivers for Satu to become a certified Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing instructor.

She is also a certified Epigenetics Performance Coach through ApeironZoh, a licensed Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment provider, certified Nordic Laboratories DUTCH test practitioner, and has a Master’s degree in Social Sciences and Business Administration from Stockholm University.

Satu is based in Stockholm, Sweden however her clients are all around Nordics/Europe and even in the Middle East and USA.


Connect with Satu by email, LinkedIn or Instagram, or through the Saga Performance website.

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