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My name is Satu Chantal Pitkämäki and I am located at the moment in Helsinki, Finland.

My background and training are in diverse healing arts and therapy work as well as in business.  As well as a business degree I have been trained and certified in many diverse natural therapies including Chinese medicine, acupuncture. In my early career I worked as a therapist and teacher of some therapy forms.

For the past 20 years I have run my own international leadership training & coaching company Completo Consulting Oy, . We offer corporate training in topics like leadership, teambuilding, sales, customer service and also stress & time management to mention a few subjects.

My second company, Extended DISC Italia Srl,  is located in Milan, making Italy my second country of residence for the past nine years. In Italy we offer personality assessment tools, sales and other human development solutions to corporations and recruiting & training companies.

My biggest passion in life has always been healthy lifestyle, healthy food, yoga and exercise as well as personal growth, transformation, inner balance and wholeness. I have been coaching people all my life in personal growth and guidance to personal transformation as well as in meditation and mindfulness practices. I am also a Certified Advanced Wisdom & Meditation Teacher. These practices are all lifelong for me.

I am at the process of putting together my third company Mission2Be, which will offer Oxygen Advantage Breathing teaching and Meditation and Mindfulness teaching., I am focusing in Finland to teach OA breathing for Yoga as well as online or locally in USA. I will be also delivering corporate talks as I am used to talking live or online to diverse audiences throughout my career.

My passion for healing has brought me starting to build a new Oxygen Advantage Breathing Teaching area, which will be Trauma Sensitive OA Breathing. As traumatization and PTSD are actually much more common than we know, I would like to guide people into how to breathe & how to teach breathing in a way that is sensitive to understanding trauma and guiding people forward from that.

Please contact me directly for corporate talks or training and coaching at [email protected]
or +358 40 511 9135 and my site is under construction.

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