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Satu Chantal Pitkämäki


I am Satu Chantal, a lifetime coach and trainer. I run 2 business and leadership training companies, an international training company www.completo.fi/en based in Finland and behavioral DISC assessments and sales assessments provider company www.extendeddisc.it in Italy. These tools are used for development & recruiting. I spend my time in both countries.

I will incorporate teaching breathing at Completo into our Mindfulness programs, Presentation skills training and coaching.

On the side I teach meditation, now with breathing, spiritual/ personal growth, healthy lifestyle. I have a www site under works, meanwhile you can follow me #satuchantal in Instagram. I intend to grow this new mission quickly and offer breathing, personal growth and meditation teaching, announcing mostly through Instagram.

Healthy & nourishing lifestyle, many kinds of exercise, yoga, healthy food, meditation, pranayama, are my passions in life, have always been.

My background is both in business and behavioral & personality models knowledge, I also certify in some of them and secondly in many healing arts, my certifications include Chinese medicine, Reiki (master), Aromatherapy to mention a few. And lately I´ve studied Ayurveda and Vedic knowledge, included in my Wisdom and Meditation Trainer certification training.

Everything I have learned along the way, I bring to my teaching, whether business coaching or breathing, meditation or personal growth.