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I have been involved in organized sports my entire life. While in high school I focused on football, baseball, and wrestling. I continued my competitive nature by playing football at Albright College. I am obsessed with performance and came to the realization that everything matters, EVERYTHING. Throughout my journey I concluded that breathing is the most important pillar in performance and health in general. Proper breathing is the foundation that everything else is built on and without it you can never reach your personal best in any facet of life. I was introduced to Patrick McKeown’s book The Oxygen Advantage through his podcast interviews as well as other podcasts strong recommendations. This book was instrumental in me learning and implementing functional/performance breathwork. After reading the book several times and incorporating the exercises into my life the visual results themselves were enough to push me to become an instructor and spread the message of the Oxygen Advantage®. My goal is to help as many people reach their peak performance in every aspect of their life and breathing is where it all starts. I completed my Oxygen Advantage® Training in September 2019. I started the fitness/wellness company Big Chill LLC while simultaneously completing my training. Since then, I have been working with teams in my area by having them incorporate the exercises into their training. I work with coaches to help with concentration, focus, and stress mitigation. I want to help as many people as possible reach their specific goals. Whether it be athletic performance, health in general, focus/concentration, or dealing with stress/anxiety, I want to enable people to understand that these exercises and methods are the key to their success.
Additionally, I am a certified meditation practitioner and a certified student instructor in Foundation Training. I teach Foundation Training/Breathwork classes at Evolve Fitness located in Audubon NJ. I do private and small group sessions, corporate seminars/presentations, coaching seminars/presentations. I am based in southern New Jersey and will travel to get this information to as many people as possible.

Email : [email protected]

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