Shane O’Connor


  • Spain



Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Shane and his family are mainly based in Madrid, Spain.

As well as newly qualifying as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Shane is also a qualified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Natural Movement Specialist and Outdoor Pursuits
Instructor, all passions which he endeavours to incorporate into his work with communities living through conflict around the world.

“I feel that it is within breathwork specifically, that I can truly bridge the gaps that have existed within my two areas of experience and contribution. Since studying, understanding more and embodying the power and potential of functional breathing through the Oxygen Advantage and am very excited to continue sharing and implementing these tools for change with the communities that I can now reach.”

Shane’s background has really been split between two different areas of focus until recently. Health, fitness, wellbeing have always been areas he has spent a lot of time and investment in as well as sports, functional movement and nature-based immersion. Over the past number of years, Shane has merged his experience and desire to work with people in conflict situations with his other passions for natural based health intervention as it made so much more sense to do so, and this has now become his new integrated focus and mission.

Shane has developed and led a Global Education Network, which aims to inspire and connect educators & those passionate about education from formal and non-formal education backgrounds, communities and institutions across the globe. And to offer support, integrate and share tools for better health, wellbeing and opportunities to thrive.

Shane is a versatile facilitator, trainer and educator trained in everything from private coaching for adult professionals to teacher training workshops or outdoor movement-based activities.
Energetic team building facilitator, leadership and conflict management specialist and experienced in working with groups from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. He has gained practical knowledge and experience of living and working in five different continents and is in his element when empowering people to ignite their own passions, improve their health, challenge their fragility, and foster their sense of contribution.

Shane has over two decades of working as a freelance trainer and consultant in addition to his experiences of working with local community-based organisations as well as within larger International NGO’s. He has spent the last number of years coordinating projects in the Global North and South, focussing mainly on empowerment, personal development and all-round physical, mental and emotional growth.

Shane currently works as a freelance consultant, coach and facilitator and works on the ground offering in person training in Spain, Ireland and UK but is offering training and courses across the online global community.

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