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Out of all the excellent instructors on here, you landed on my page. Nice one.

The fact that you are here means that you already know that there is something more to this game of ‘breathing’.

So welcome, and make yourself comfortable.

The goal is to breathe functionally, move intentionally, take control of your personal situation, increase focus, push productivity and to stop stressing over things to stress over.

To sleep sounder, snore less, to recover quicker in your sport of choice and to use the tools that our ancestors used without so much as a second thought, that we have lost touch of in favour in the endless search for shinier, ‘easier’ solutions.

After dancing with cancer twice, a stem cell transplant, 30 sessions of radiotherapy and enough chemo to fill a small bath and all the side-effects that come with that, I can tell you – this stuff works.

What the Oxygen Advantage isn’t:

This is not a quick fix, it isn’t a 30 minute webinar where you’ll never have to do anything again. If you cannot put in the work, and there is work, (it’s very manageable though, I promise) this isn’t for you.

What the Oxygen Advantage is:

It is a tool kit that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Over the course of 3 to 4 weeks you and your team (be it Corporate to Crossfit, Covid to your Coaching group) will gain a rock solid understanding of how we as humans were meant to breathe. How to maximise everything that you do in your day to day life. From oxygen uptake at the cell level to better oral health by the simple act of closing your mouth(!)

It requires work on your part to see results, but all the best things do. Don’t they?

Thanks for reading!

I have limited availability for 1-2-1 clients as the bulk of my time is spent working with groups (via zoom for now) where the team spirit, the open encouraging environment and a childlike curiosity to learn helps everyone else in the group to grow together, to apply and to use the information that you will discover on this short, but life changing journey.

To make an enquiry for your team, or to check for 1-2-1 availability email [email protected] or
call/WhatsApp me on +4474 606 82516

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