Shawn M Flot, MPT
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As an avid adventurer in the great outdoors, I have a passion to help people find their greatest potential in their life experiences. Whether exploring mountains, canyons or rivers, or in activities (athletic and recreational) they love to do, I appreciate guiding people to achieve their goals, and how they can impact their life. With a specialized approach in the physical/physiological/personal perspectives of the body’s movement patterns (including internal movements of the organs and fascia with musculoskeletal) for health and performance, I am fortunate that I developed expertise in the connectivity of the fascia with special attention to the foot & ankle, legs, spine & torso, and functional breathing.

I feel blessed to be able to train and help people online all over the world, individually and in small groups, incorporating the Oxygen Advantage methods into my functional and felt-sense movement guidance. I practice clinically (in-person) in Talent, Oregon – the heart of beautiful Southern Oregon. With a hands-on approach practicing the principles of traditional osteopathy for 27 years, I appreciate the breathing practices from the Oxygen Advantage, and movement practices being paramount to the personalized services I offer.

I share my understanding of the body and mind’s potential through movement and the breath from my experiences and backgrounds. As a high-level triathlete for 10 years (primarily Ironman distances), now for hiking & backpacking adventures, and from being a practitioner of Hatha Yoga for 20 years (Ashtanga; Shadow/Nrtta Yoga). I hold a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Exercise Physiology & Sports Performance, with a minor in human performance movement from the University of Colorado, Boulder (working directly with elite marathon runners, triathletes, trail-runners, and high-altitude mountain athletes); and a Masters in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University with research on the feet and health.

Shawn M Flot, MPT

Moving Into Harmony.

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