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Shereen’s breath journey started at the age of four, through tennis. She learned breath exercises, to be able to hit harder, run faster and lift more weights. When she got into Ultramarathons and Ironmans, she recognized how crucial breath was to her recovery.

Climbing mountains first led her to the Wim Hof Method (Shereen is currently an advanced instructor in the Wim Hof Method) and very quickly after, got certified in the Buteyko Method.

She has trained professional athletes in basketball, soccer and tennis. She has also worked with athletes in rugby, golf, swimming and athletics. She loves helping people climb mountains without taking Diamox (high altitude pill).

Oxygen advantage has given her the ability to help athletes increase their endurance as well as reduce their fatigue during games. She believes that the combination of the Wim Hof Method and Oxygen advantage gives every athlete a pre-game and post-game routine that enhances their power, clarity and focus during the game.

Shereen is usually based in Houston, Texas however she travels to other cities to conduct workshops and work with clients. She does work both in person and online.

Her teaching style is a combination of both the East and the West based on the time she spent in Australia, India, Oman, China, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Africa and the Middle East.

Shereen is excited to work with people who want to use breath as a tool to enhance performance. She is also very passionate about working with the corporate world.

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