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  • Germany



Since many years I am a Yoga & Recovery Instructor for pro athletes in the Rhein-Main area (around Frankfurt) in Germany. My focus is on different kind of sport disciplines to incorporate yoga into the athlete’s schedule and training program. My anamnesis with the athletes starts with a Sleep- and Performance Report on a 24-hour HRV analysis. Based on this health status report of the individuals I start to create a recovery training program which always starts with BOLT and Breath Technique, soft mobility program or yoga training. I combine these trainings also with Dr. Eric Cobb’s / Lars Lienhard’s Neuro-Mobility- and Blackroll® Fascia Training using different kind of tools like foam rolls and trigger to support the recovery of my athletes.

As yoga and breath work is not a performance-based process, as a sport is, it’s a challenging work for me to convince athletes to accept breath work training and yoga as recovery or stability training and show them their benefit for their sport. Yoga’s emphasis on mental focus and being in the moment has also direct application to the athlete’s sport. My training is not about any esoteric topic – it’s about working with the body, understanding the anatomy of the individuals, observe and listening to their breath, understand the symptoms and disbalances and supporting the athletes on their physical and mental needs during training and rehab phases.

I also worked with pro teams and individual soccer players out of the German Bundesliga, with pro triathletes, world champion breaststroke swimmer and with young talented soccer players and giving regular trainings at the Elite School of Football in Frankfurt. I incorporate different tools and props into my training to set new impulses, depending on the athletes needs. I can never plan my training as its always depending on the physical and mental format of the soccer player’s day. I published my first book 2018 with a yoga-training program to show how athletes can incorporate yoga in combination with foam roll, blocks and belts into their sports recovery program. I have put different training programs together for 18 different sports. You can also find different training programs with me in Club Aldiana on Fuerteventura and on the Hapag Lloyd Cruise Ship MS Europa 2. My newest program is a combination of Yoga & Oxygen Advantage Breath Work Training of about 45 Minutes called “Magic Ten, blow my mind”.

I am giving education programs for Blackroll® and for Fobizentrum Bremen/Köln.

When you are interested in any Personal Trainings with me or training for your team, please contact me. I teach also online.

You can follow me on different social media under Puls Plus.

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