Silvano Gomiero
Australia, Indonesia, Ireland


  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland


Passionate on all aspects of the breath, the bridge between science and spirituality; a range from health, performance to mindfulness meditation and emotional release & healing.

Starting out initially to improve sleep and restfulness led down a rabbit hole to improving sports performance amongst himself and close peers, he began to realise that breathing was one of the most common overlooked missing link in many people’s lives.

After discovering the benefits of the Oxygen Advantage methods to improve health and wellbeing in all humans, he began to explore and expand his knowledge in all areas to push the boundaries of mental health and resilience, physical performance and living a fuller life.

Catering to all levels from someone completely new to professional athletes and everyone in between, everyone can reap the benefits of breath optimisation. From large corporate programs, group and private settings where people are empowered and thrive in their own lives.

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