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Getting the fundamentals of health and wellbeing right makes everything a lot easier…..Breathing well reaches far into mental & physical health.

I work with individuals, small groups and businesses across the South-West of the UK

I was attracted to The Oxygen Advantage as the science allows us to have real confidence setting up the best possible conditions to thrive, not just survive.

I’ve worked alongside The NHS and Macmillan helping those with a difficult diagnosis learn breath and relaxation methods, Ive worked alongside chiropractors to offer effective relaxation techniques and I’m keen to find new ways to spread the word about how beneficial breath training can be.

During the pandemic I decided to change what I was doing. I’d become too wrapped up in the stress of running a small building business and settled on retraining in various evidence based psychological wellbeing protocols and therapies. I now have a small practice as a Mental Health & Well Being Coach in the SW of England & web-based helping people make beneficial lasting changes.

If you want, amongst other things, better sleep, more space in your head, more energy to do the important things. If you want to change dysfunctional breathing patterns into solid nurturing ones, or simply just want to improve your experience of life and are keen to put the necessary work in, I’d love to hear from you.

I draw on a wide range of techniques, from mindfulness, CBT, ACT, behavioural psychology, positive psychology, and the focussed attention of hypnosis and am always working towards gaining more knowledge in this field, I’m fully insured and professionally registered.

Knowing how to breath well can play a significant & fundamental role in mental & physical wellbeing. I’m so happy at becoming an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor.

You are unique so why not… be more you…. Breathing optimally is the start.

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