Simon Lamb
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


I am interested in ‘nature’ – both human nature and the natural world. A symbiotic relationship which I believe has become frayed. Collective invulnerability, day-to-day anxiety, relentless busyness, disparate communities, remote workers, and digital dependence have created a society, and a planet, desperately in need of (re)connection.

As a coach – and a storyteller – my purpose is to (re)connect people to themselves, each other, and the world we borrow. In my coaching practice I employ a blend of movement, breathwork, mindfulness, and coaching. Working with individuals and groups, these sessions are shaped by the wisdom and character of the season. The being to move people back towards a more natural rhythm. I believe that when we live in harmony with the natural world we are healthier and happier.

I have studied with Birkbeck University (coaching), Alan Dolan and Oxygen Advantage (breathwork), the Long White Cloud Qigong (movement), and the Bio Leadership Fellowship (nature connection).

The use of the Oxygen Advantage methodology and techniques is central to my approach to breathwork. Having this deep scientific understanding is a source of reassurance that acts as a gateway to introducing clients to the many benefits of somatic coaching, nature connection, and mindfulness.

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