Sirkka Richert
United Kingdom


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I combine my knowledge as an OA Advanced and Breathing for Yoga instructor with my experience as a Yoga Alliance Trainer Pro to extend breathing practices and natural movement pattern into your everyday life. With the modern day-to-day stresses, connecting with the breath and moving out of your mind and into your body, I believe it to be essential to lead a healthier, more balanced and happy life.

I teach tailored 1-2-1 classes online from wherever you’re based and weekly individual and group sessions can be arranged depending on your location. I also run breathwork and yoga retreats in Europe and the Caribbean. My teaching practices extend to children too. I aim to inspire young minds with simple breathing exercises and fun yoga movements to help give them tools for life to manage anxiety, to remain calm and positive.

I encourage my students to spend as much time as possible in nature for its calming and healing qualities. My passion for windsurfing and surfing find a way into my teaching drawing parallels to the fluidity and ebb and flow of the sea.

Please contact me on [email protected] for a free 15mins introductory chat, I’d love to hear from you.

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