Sophie Hellyer
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Sophie Hellyer is a breathwork, yoga and cold water swim coach. Sophie grew up in Devon, UK and became a champion surfer at national level. In 2005, Sophie got sewage in her lung whilst surfing, this led to over a month in hospital and a life saving lung operation. Since then, Sophie has valued her health more than anything. Oxygen Advantage has given Sophie the deeper scientific understanding of how the breath impacts our physiology. Most of Sophie’s breathwork practice is restorative, to down-regulate and calm the nervous system, and she loves to put this in to practice under the stress of cold water. In 2015, Sophie created the movement #RiseFierce which inspires women to try cold-water swimming, aiming to improve mental and physical health.

Sophie now runs cold-water swimming retreats and workshops around the UK that incorporate breath, movement and community. Get in touch for one on one or corporate workshops.

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