Sophie Nolis


  • Australia


Sophie Nolis, a seasoned Breathing Coach, Sophrologist, and Health and Wellbeing Specialist, enriches the Oxygen Advantage community with over 12 years of dedicated expertise. As an esteemed Oxygen Advantage Instructor and Australia’s first trained Peak Performance Sophrologist, Sophie’s journey in health and fitness evolved into a specialization in mental health, wellbeing, and sport.

Motivated by her success in alleviating her child’s Rhinitis with the Buteyko method, Sophie expanded her knowledge with Patrick McKeown, becoming an International Buteyko Breathing Coach and Oxygen Advantage Instructor. Her proficiency extends to the Buteyko Breathing Method, Meditation, Mindfulness-based stress reduction, Autogenetic training for high performance, Children’s yoga, Kundalini family yoga, Mental Health First Aid, Life coaching, and Counselling.

Sophie’s practice stands out for her unique ability to connect and adapt to clients, focusing on addressing burnout, anxiety, and mindset, particularly in sports, CrossFit, and mental health across all levels. Holding a Practitioner Diploma in Sophro-Ki Sophrology, she graduated as Australia’s first specialized High-Performance Sophrologist.

As the owner of Sophro Australia, Sophie collaborates with companies such as Holistic Services Group, XL events, and Urban float. She strives to create emotional safety, transforming lives through structured practices emphasizing optimal breathing for health and wellbeing, especially in addressing burnout.

A mother of three boys, Sophie draws energy from nature, cherishing a life of harmony, joy, and self-awareness. With certifications including Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Practitioner Diploma of Sophro-Ki Sophrology, Certificate in Mental Health First Aid, Certificate in Buteyko Breathing Method, Diploma in Holistic Meditation, Diploma in Professional Counselling, Certificate in RCYP Yoga, and Foundations of Yoga Therapy – KYTANZ, Sophie’s mission is guiding clients toward their best selves through transformative and accessible practices.

Residing in Melbourne, Australia, Sophie extends her expertise nationwide, working with individuals, sporting clubs, and corporate businesses to enhance employee wellbeing through breathing and mind-body connection practices.

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