Stacy Straight
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Stacy Straight is a dental hygienist for over 30 years in Gillette, Wyoming she is trained in the Oxygen Advantage Program and the Buteyko Breathing Method. Being certified in both programs, she is committed to showing you how to apply the power of the breath to achieve maximum health benefits to improve your quality of sleep, asthma, anxiety and mental clarity allowing you to have more focus and concentration during physical activities. As a former asthma sufferer, changing her breathing pattern has permitted her to take a holistic approach to resolve her condition.

As an avid outdoors woman who enjoys hiking, fishing, golfing and snow shoeing, she has learned the value of how proper breathing can enhance your performance during physical activities and your overall quality of life.

She is the owner of Spiro and is committed to helping individuals who want to take their activities to the next level with breath work training. She can work with recreational and competitive individuals from children to adults as well as team sports to help them perform to their maximum potential. She is available for in person sessions and through virtual trainings.

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