Stanisław Nowak


  • Poland



Buteyko Clinic International Certified Instructor

Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor

doctor of bioscience (scientific specialty in physiology)

  • academic teacher
  • clinical and tcm dietitian
  • herbalist and phytotherapist
  • acupuncture student
  • sports trainer (basketball)
  • instructor of sports (windsurfing, yachting, skiing, gymnastics)
  • lifeguard
  • first-aid qualified rescuer
  • PYA offshore skipper
  • PMAWSA offshore motorboat skipper

I suggest that effective health training should be based on the correct breathing patterns, nutrition, sleep and health-oriented physical activity.

I offer my clients: kindness, my qualifications, competences, passions and faith for that everyone can change their lives for the better. Willingness supported by a good trainer are enough :).

I work with all customers in all stages of living, sick, healthy, sportsman and everyone who is in need.

To be a happy person, it is enough to understand yourself, the world and increase your health.

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